Haşiroğlu Yoghurt Chips “Tarhana”

We are the world's largest tarhana production facility that has been manufacturing at international standards since 1985. We have ITQI Taste award FDA, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and Halal certificates.  Our brand reaches domestic chain markets and exclusive sales stores and is also exported to 17 countries in 4 continents recently.

100% Natural and Addictive Free

Our products do not contain any preservatives or additives.  We produce healthy snacks for consumers of all ages with natural ingredients. By producing tarhana in the form of chips and soup, we care about you and your children’s health.

Protein & Fiber

Thanks to two basic components of our products, which are cracked wheat and full-fat yoghurt, tarhana is rich in protein and dietary fiber.  100 grams of Haşiroğlu tarhana contains 19 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber. With its high protein and fibre structure, tarhana facilitates digestion and gives a feeling of satiety.


In the process of manufacturing, firstly the cracked wheat is boiled for long hours then it is rested to cool down. Then yoghurt is added into the cooled mixture. By this way, the beneficial bacteria of yoghurt is kept alive. So, the mixture is fermented naturally and tarhana becomes probiotic.

Functionality & Shelf Life

Haşiroğlu tarhana can be consumed as a snack in the form of chips, and also as a soup. During the manufacturing process, the tarhana is completely dried and freed from moisture. Thus, it preserves its freshness for 18 months.

Our Products

We have been producing healthy snacks that are entirely made from natural ingredients. We care about you.

Yoghurt Chips “Tarhana”

Why is Tarhana a Unique Food?

  • Tarhana does not contain any preservatives or additives.
  • Tarhana is not fried in oil. No trans-fat.
  • With its 100% healthy and natural content, it is suitable for consumers of all ages.
  • Source of protein. (19 g protein / 100 g tarhana)
  • Source of dietary fiber. Feel full. (6.1 g fibre / 100 g tarhana)
  • Naturally probiotic.
  • Support your digestion. Strengthen your intestinal flora.
  • It preserves its freshness at ambient temperature for 18 months.
  • It can be consumed both as a healthy snack and also as a soup.
  • It is low in calories. Does not fatten. It is ideal for those who care about a healthy nutrition.

What is Yoghurt Chips “Tarhana”?

Tarhana is a traditional dry food with a history of more than 500 years which contains yoghurt, cracked wheat and thyme.

Maraş tarhana is a cereal-based fermented, traditional and functional product with high nutritional value. It differs itself from other tarhana varieties in other regions with its unique features such as the production stages, taste, aroma, consumption style and storage conditions in the final product.

Its production is very laborious and the product is stored at room temperature after it is produced. Wheat and yoghurt are used as the main ingredients in tarhana. Thyme, chili peppers and salt are commonly used to season the taste of the tarhana.

History of Yoghurt Chips “Tarhana”

The emergence of the tarhana dates back to the period of the Ottoman Sultan Yavuz Selim Han at the beginning of the 16th century. During the Dulkadiroğlu principality, Yavuz Sultan Selim started preparations for the needs of Ottoman’s army before the expedition to Egypt started.

The Sina desert must be crossed to conquer Egypt. There was a need of special food to meet the needs of the army for weeks. The characteristics of the food that will meet the nutritional needs of the soldiers in harsh desert conditions are: It should be light in load, have high nutritional value, fell full, suitable for practical and fast consumption, and be durable enough to not spoil in hot temperature and cold weather conditions.

Based on this need, Gülbahar Hatun from Kahramanmaraş, who is the mother of Yavuz Sultan Selim, conducts long research to produce a food that has all these qualities. As a result of her research, the unique formula was found.

Cracked wheat is boiled with plenty of yoghurt. It is flavoured with thyme and salt. Boiled mixture is cooled down for long hours, then it is laid on a special surface and finally dried in the sun. This dry food is tarhana.

How is Tarhana Produced?

The main ingredients are wheat and full-fat yogurt. Cracked wheat which is suitable for Tarhana is sorted, grounded and washed in the mill.

The prepared cracked wheat is cooked and mixed continuously until it melts in boiled water. The boiled mixture is left to cool down (3-6 hours). Afterwards, full fat Yoghurt is added. Yoghurt and wheat are kneaded until a homogeneous mixture. Then it is left for fermentation (12-18 hours). 

The fermented mixture is laid on a special surface and dried in the sun. The product is completely purifed from moisture by drying (48-72 hours). Dryed tarhana is removed from the surface and it is packed. Ready for consumption.

How to Consume Tarhana?

Tarhana is consumed as a snack or soup throughout the year. Tarhana, which has a unique taste and aroma, can be consumed plain or with various dip sauces.

Those who experience tarhana chips for the first time may find their taste different compared to other fried chips that contain chemical additives. However, after these people eat tarhana several times in different time periods, this protein and fiber source is 100% additive-free and they become an addictive by getting used to the taste of natural tarhana.

Chips tarhana can also be consumed as a soup. Click here for the recipe of Maraş style tarhana soup.

Maraş Tarhana Soup Recipe (8 People )x  Ingredients:  450 grams of Haşiroğlu  tarhana veya 6 litres of water
2 large cloves of garlic
2 teaspoons of salt For the sauce: 2 dessert spoons of dried mint
2 tablespoons of butter in light roasted whole pistachio kernels (on request)

Preparation: HPour Haşiroğlu Çerezlik Tarhana into the pot, add 6 litres of water and cover the pot and wait for 1 hour for the tarhana to soften. Then take it on the stove and cook on medium heat, stirring continuously for 1 hour. Blend the cooked tarhana. Add salt and 2 cloves of garlic into the boiling soup after crushing it. Lastly, boil it for 5 more minutes. Take the meal from the stove.

Sauce recip: Melt the butter in a pan, add 2 teaspoons of dried mint and mix until it is roasted, pour the roasted mint over the soup. (Optionally, pistachio kernels can also be roasted in butter and poured over the soup.) Our soup is ready for service. Bon Appetite.

Our Brands

The journey of tarhana, which started with the Haşiroğlu brand in 1985, entered the triangular form in 2020 and was presented to you with the “Cipstar”, and in 2021 it was flavoured with different flavours and presented to you with the Rivos brand.

Haşiroğlu Blog

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What is Yoghurt Chips “Tarhana”?

Tarhana is a traditional dry food with a history of more than 500 year...

History of Yoghurt Chips “Tarhana”

The emergence of the tarhana dates back to the period of the Ottoman S...

How is Tarhana Produced?

The main ingredients are wheat and full-fat yogurt. Cracked wheat whic...

How to Consume Tarhana?

Tarhana is consumed as a snack or soup throughout the year. Tarhana, w...


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